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I had multiple coffee fans, baristas, and local roasters contribute with input for the list of shops around the city -- including my own experience of having done a small coffee crawl in 2019. I took that list and painted the 20 with the best reviews and most love shown!


This is a 20x16 canvas that tours the city of coffee joints as well as the Superdome, the St. Louis Cathedral, Mardi Gras World, and some of the favorites from the Audubon Zoo. The map's "compass rose" is of a coffee mug with a fleur de lis guiding the way. You can also find the New Orleans ferry on the mighty Mississippi going down showing support for New Orleans and loving local. 


The 20 shops include: Zot'z Cafe, Rue de la Course, The Labyrinth, Neutral Ground Coffeehouse, French Truck Coffee, Cherry, Monkey Monkey, Church Alley, Hey! Cafe, Old Road Coffee, Baldwin & Co., Pond, Coffee Science, The Vintage, HiVolt Coffee, Mojo, The Rabbit's Foot Market + Cafe, Congregation, Mammoth Espresso, and Spitfire Coffee.


I am not painting this again, that's why I offer prints. If you want it, please consider buying this now!

NOLA Coffee Run

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