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I am a wife, mom, and a child of God.

My household consists of me and my husband, our two toddler boys, a teenage daughter, a pit-mix, and three chickens.

I started out at LSU in art school, studying photography. I graduated from LSU in human sciences concentrating in Child & Family Studies. I love people, and now love the privilege to paint for them!


Made to Paint was born from a love of painting and a broken heart that needed help coping with grief after losing my best friend. While I accidentally started a business, God was intentionally leading me to find a passion covered in acrylic. 

Here's why we chose Psalm 138:8
"The LORD will vindicate me; your love, LORD, endures forever-- do not abandon the works of your hands." (NIV)

This verse spoke to me clearly. The world started with God's hands molding it. The world was redeemed when Jesus' hands were nailed to the cross. Not to mention each of us were personally crafted by God in His image. 

So the end of that prayer, "do not abandon the work of your hands", is my personal prayer that He makes His Will for my life clear to me and to keep using my hands in the process. 


In Summer 2020, 225 Magazine featured me in their August Edition. Was very honored to share the start and heart to Made to Paint with Cynthea! Click here to read it.


In Summer 2023, Canvas Rebel (based out of Los Angeles) reached out about an interview to explain how and why I chose to make a professional career out of creativity. They gave me a chance to share my story very thoroughly. Click here to read it.

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