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Made to "Frame"

Sorry, couldn't resist the pun. 

I love the privilege to take photos for people.
Whether we are celebrating a life on the way, another year of life for someone, finishing school, love, family reunions, headshots for the job market, or heck -- just because! 
I am a Baton Rouge photographer.
Any photo shoots in New Orleans, on the Northshore, in Hammond, or Lafayette will require a $10 add-on for gas money.
All photo sessions pictures will be delivered within 48 hours of the session time via a Google Drive folder. 
For a session to be officially booked and the date/time to be held I need a $15 (non-refundable) deposit. The deposit comes out of the total owed, so if you book me for a 30 minute session you pay $15 then, then the remaining $60 at the session.
Payment can be done via PayPal or Venmo. Click the button here to send an inquiry!
Prices + Times:
- $75 for 30 min session
- $100 for 45 min session
- $125 for 1 hr session
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