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The first "Latte Love" was made in March 2022. Here is the new and improved version!


This is an combo of digital art and pictures from my original 20x20 “There’s a Whole Latte Love in Baton Rouge” piece highlighting eight of the many awesome local coffee shops the Capitol City has brewing. These eight are specialty coffee shops. 


Highland Coffees (1989) on the edge of LSU's campus

Magpie Cafe (2012) by the underpass 

French Truck (2016) off Government

Light House Coffee (2018) on Lee Drive 

City Roots (2019) in Electric Depot

Coffee Joy (2020) next door to the Acadian underpass

Rêve (2021) near Perkins Rowe

Social Coffee (2022) tucked in downtown by the levee

The latte art you see are from baristas representing the shop it is under/above.

For Highland Coffees, Magpie Cafe, and French Truck, I used pictures from their instagram feed.

Light House Coffee is from Grant McCarty and Maryam Al Shammari

City Roots is from Victoria Rogers and Bekka Nichols

Coffee Joy is from Julia Schlorke and Amelia Blackmon

Reve is from Luca Blue and Eric Schoonmaker

Social Coffee is from Dillon Farrell and Tiffany Pham


The handmade coffee mugs framing the center is from Andrew Pullman and Amanda Proctor!


In summary: 10 credited local baristas, 8 small businesses based in BR, and 2 beloved potters from the area. Shop small and Love local!!

NEW Latte Love Print

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