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Pet Ornaments are a great way of incorporating your fur family into all the Christmas festivities! They can be made any way you'd like. You can add wreathes, Disney references, anything. Once I finish the painting, I add a gloss finisher to top it off that makes the Christmas lights look extra good around them. 


After you submit your order, email me the photos of your pet(s) to!


  • Custom Order!

    This item is a custom order! 

    When you are done ordering this, email me at with your order number as the subject line and include any photos I will need to use to paint it.

    Cannot wait to paint for you!

  • Refund and Return Policy

    If you are unsatisfied with your order, reach out to me on what you found wrong with it. I will be happy to work with you to find out how we can fix it. Please do keep in mind I put in my honest time and effort into each painting, not even accounting for the physical resources I've used as well. But at the end of the day, I want everyone I've worked with to be able to look back at the experience and smile. God bless, y'all.

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