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This is a 20x10 print of the original 20x10 canvas. 


This piece is for the year-round summer and sweet lovers! 

5 of New Orleans' most beloved snowball stands, and the piece even includes how long they have been making the community sweeter!


Hansen's Sno-Bliz (est. 1939), Plum Street Snowballs (est. 1945), Sal's Sno-Balls (est. 1960), Casey's Snowballs (est. 1996), and Sno-La (est. 2011). I included the buildings as well as their prettiest creations. Each one I painted is a different flavor and is meant to capture how unique each place is. 


Will not paint this again, 20x10 prints are available to order. If you want the original, this is your chance!

Snow on the Southshore

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