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It's here! The print version of  "The United Florals of America". The 20x24 original took me a long while to finish, and ended up being sold at the very beginning stages of just the states without even the flowers drawn out yet -- very blessed and surprised by that. In order to create a print of the original without jeopardizing the quality and detail of each state, I had to take a photo of individual states and turn them into PNGs. Then I was able to add and arrange them to a background color that was the same, beautiful French Blue that was painted on the canvas. And honestly? The print is better to me because I could use a gorgoues font and not my less-than-ideal handwriting. 


Because of the cost to make these, they are printed AFTER they are ordered. Orders need to be in by Sunday, May 21st at Noon in order to be included in this first order of prints.

Current sizes that I can offer are 11x14 ($35) and 16x20 ($75). 


States and their flowers include in alphabetical order: 

First Line:

Alabama -- Camellia

Alaska -- Alpine Forget-Me-Not 

Arizona -- Saguaro Cactus Blossom

Arkansas -- Apple Blossom

California -- California Poppy

Colorado -- Rocky Mountain Columbine

Second Line: 

Connecticut -- Mountain Laurel

Delaware -- Peach Blossom

Florida -- Orange Blossom

Georgia -- Cherokee Rose

Hawaii -- Yellow Hibiscus

Idaho -- Syringa

Illinois -- Violet

Third Line: 

Indiana -- Peony

Iowa -- Wild Rose

Kansas -- Wild Native Sunflower

Kentucky -- Goldenrod

Louisiana -- Magnolia 

Maine -- White Pine Cone & Tassel

Fourth Line: 

Maryland -- Black-Eyed Susan

Massachusetts -- Mayflower

Michigan -- Apple Blossom

Minnesota -- Pink & White Lady Slipper

Mississippi -- Magnolia

Missoiuri -- White Hawthorn Blossom

Fifth Line:

Montana -- Bitterroot

Nebraska -- Goldenrod

Nevada -- Sagebrush

New Hampshire -- Purple Lilac

New Jersey -- Violet 

New Mexico -- Yucca

New York -- Rose

Sixth Line:

North Carolina -- Flowering Dogwood

North Dakota -- Wild Prairie Rose

Ohio -- Red Carnation

Oklahoma -- Oklahoma Rose

Oregon -- Oregon Grape

Pennslyvania --  Mountain Laurel 

Seventh Line: 

Rhode Island -- Violet

South Carolina -- Yellow Jessamine 

South Dakota -- American Pasque

Tennessee -- Iris

Texas -- Bluebonnet

Utah -- Sego Lily

Eight Line: 

Vermont -- Red Clover

Virginia -- Flowering Dogwood

Washington -- Coast Rhododendron

West Virginia -- Rhododendron

Wisconsin -- Wood Violet

Wyoming -- Indian Paintbrush

United Florals

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